In the vibrant realm of Visual Art, I strive to go beyond conventional representation, aiming to encapsulate the pulsating essence of our contemporary consumer-driven society. Breaking free from traditional mediums, my approach involves repurposing discarded objects, relics of our consumer culture, weaving a narrative intertwined with the omnipresent thread of the oil industry.
My artistic approach involves a profound exploration of our modern existence through the unconventional lens of discarded objects, all stemming from the ubiquitous source of the oil industry. This choice of material lays down a deliberate commentary on the pervasive influence of the fossil fuel framework, often lost in the background of the consumerist recurrence.
This petrochemical omnipresence structure, always there but too often ignored, is unveiled through the transparency of materials. The versatility of plastics, showcased through the interplay of translucent and opaque, polished and matte, pristine and filthy, forms the core philosophy. The confrontation of these extremes, amplified by the upcycling of damaged objects, introduces ambiguity, challenging the notions of beauty versus abjection, ultimately achieving a delicate balance in the final composition.
The distinct essence of my approach emerges not just in capturing our contemporary era, but in faithfully remixing industrial procedures, mirroring the rhythm of assembly lines. This intricate, behind-the-scenes process, hidden from the viewer, encompasses meticulous polishing, sanding, and bubble removal. Mastery of this technique, visible only in the impeccable final result, defines the strength and soul inherent in the artwork.
My aspiration is to explore the extensive spectrum of oil industry products and objects, each bearing the scars of urban stress. Diving into transportation, road systems, and even pop-cultural artifacts, I aim to offer an unfiltered reflection of our consumerist society, where the influence of oil companies permeates every aspect of our lives.
The creative process involves a meticulous research, scouring urban landscapes and even distant shores for objects that bear witness to our era. A detailed exploration of composition, documented through various snapshots, precedes the encapsulation technique, preserving the chosen composition in time in time, forever marking its place in history.
Living through the dynamic 20th and 21st centuries serves as a profound inspiration. The explosion of styles, shapes, colours, and brands that engulf our daily life fuels my desire to directly sample these discarded objects emblematic of the modern pop-cultural era.
In summary, my artistic journey stands as evidence of the temporal existence of objects in the consumerist dance. Through the unconventional use of discarded objects and meticulous encapsulation resin techniques, I strive to capture the multifaceted essence of our modern society, leaving a lasting imprint that echoes the dialogue between oil industry, social life, and the relentless march of time.
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